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Specialised in salted egg snacks and sauces,
Irvin’s food products are freshly homemade without
any preservatives, using only the best ingredients.

Our Products:

  • 1. Salted Egg Sauce
  • 2. Salted Egg Potato Chips
  • 3. Salted Egg Fish Skin
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Our Salted Egg Potato Chips and Salted Egg Fish Skin “BEST BY” is dated 6 weeks
from the production date, but taste best if consumed within 2 weeks,
and within the week after opening, as we do not use any preservatives.
Halal information: contain no pork, no lard.

Ordering Information:

We have closed CNY orders. All new orders will be delivered earliest March.

Online order is available by email to cocobasg@gmail.com.
Please email us with the following details:

Phone number:
Postal Code:
Order Quantities:

Currently, we only accept local Singapore delivery. Delivery charge is $15. FREE delivery for order over $100.

Due to heavy demand, we will do our best to reply and confirm your order within 72 hours. We will try to accommodate everyone but stock is limited. Apologies if we cannot supply all orders.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


For general inquiries, send us a message